Sunday, March 25, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 9

Highlights of March 10, 2012
* Visiting the Mangere Market, like a large Polynesian farmer's market, and looking for the perfect souvenir. We wandered around with the Fatai family and had a great time.
* Attending the 20th anniversary of Pasefika with the Fatai family where we watched different Polynesian dancers, looked at different vendors, and ate Polynesian food.

* Eating fantastic pineapple ice cream! It was passion fruit ice cream in a pineapple. Oh so good! Here's Adam with his ice cream and Brother Fatai.

* Sister Fatai and I were chased by one of her boys holding a bunch of those nasty bug carcasses that he put in his pockets. Yuck!

* Searching and searching for the perfect souvenir and finally finding it! We bought a coconut Christmas ornament with a nativity in it from a Tongan vendor. It was love at first sight. We also bought a little island girl dress, in case we have a little girl some day.
* Relaxing in the hot tub at our hotel in Hamilton and having a private bathroom in our hotel room.

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