Thursday, March 22, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 6

Day 6, March 7, was a rainy day all about fulfilling Adam's dream of deep sea fishing. Even though I don't enjoy fishing and the water was really choppy, the highlight of the day was watching Adam check deep sea fishing off of his bucket list.

Look at that line, he's got something!

Here's proof of the size of Adam's prized Snapper. Now, don't go believing any of his fish stories! Adam caught 6 fish total. They were Trevally and Snapper. He caught two fish that were big enough to keep, one of each kind. We got to keep them and took them to a local fish and chip shop to have them cooked up for lunch. Yum! Yum! They were the best fish and chips from the whole vacation! My mouth is watering just thinking bout it right now!

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  1. That's really awesome! I'm glad they tasted so good!