Saturday, March 24, 2012

NZ Trip- Day 8

Before we give the highlights of March 9 in Auckland, let's begin with some translations of New Zealand words:
Fizzy- Pop
Slips- Rock Slides
Ice Block- Popsicle
Nappies- Diapers
Serviettes- Napkins
Lead- Leash
Lollies- Candy
Rubbish- Trash or Garbage
No worries- Your Welcome
Kia Ora- Hello
Takeaways- Takeout food
Tyres- Tires
Petrol- Gas
Trolley- Shopping cart
Holiday- Vacation

Now here are our day 8 highlights:
* Going to the black sand beach in Piha and finding it wasn't so black, or warm enough to play at.

* Being the only white people in the Mangere shopping center and having little children stare at us.
* Having Adam buy me a beautiful bone and paua shell necklace.
* Visiting the Vong family, whom Adam helped to get baptized. I loved hearing about their lives and their conversions.
* Visiting with Dunn family who also helped the missionaries out tons while Adam was there. I loved hearing from everyone what a great missionary Adam was.
* Visiting with the Schwalger family.
* Going to dinner with the Fatai family at the Lone Star restaurant, eating yummy food, and having great conversation.

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